At the core of our beliefs lies a profound reverence for nature and its invaluable resources. We approach our craft with a mindful touch, utilizing materials judiciously and sparingly, to create pieces that honor both artistic vision and environmental responsibility.


Cheese boards

Boudoir mirrors

chess box

The chair 2


Coffee tables


Functional excellence

We’re devoted to crafting products that are not just visually appealing but also exceptionally practical. The fusion of design and functionality is our driving force.

Crafted with care

Each piece is meticulously designed, carved, molded, and sculpted by our team. No assembly lines, just dedicated creation.

Local sustainability

We exclusively use local materials. Our approach to crafting is mindful, utilizing materials wisely and sparingly to create pieces that honor both artistic vision and the nature.

Tailor made

We create everything to order because we believe it’s the best way to meet your unique needs whie also avoiding excess quantities.


We Take Custom Orders!