About Us

Who we are

We’re a team of architects, obsessed with nailing the perfect blend of style and function. And guess what? Our brainchild, &Hue, might be all youthful, but it’s got a history as long as a dragon’s tail.
Way back, we kicked things off at FUNKT, an architectural studio on a mission to create mind-blowing, purpose- driven interiors. As architects, we faced the ultimate challenge – finding furniture that match our visionary spaces. But, the market offerings just didn’t cut it. So, what did we do? We rolled up our sleeves and got crafty, making our own furniture that screamed both aesthetics and top- notch quality.

Fast forward to 2020, and we shook things up again with Pottery&Poetry. This time, ceramics took the spotlight as our creative playground, adding a dash of elegance to our ever-expanding portfolio.

Then &Hue burst onto the scene. Wood and ceramic collided in the most epic fusion ever, giving birth to our brainchild. Every single item in our catalogue is handcrafted to perfection, meticulously placed and refined with love and care. Our designs? Let’s just say they’re the epitome of sleek and stylish, tailor-made for real-life situations.

Minds & Hands

Crafting our goods begins with a vision – a flicker of an idea that dances through our minds. We brainstorm, sketch, and scribble, letting our imaginations run wild.

Once the concept takes shape, it’s time for the materials to step into the limelight. The wood brings warmth and sturdiness, while the ceramic adds a touch of elegance and finesse.

Now, the real magic kicks in – the hands-on crafting process. We pour our hearts and souls into every piece. We carve, mold, shape, and sculpt, giving life to the raw materials. It’s a dance of precision and intuition, where experience meets innovation. No assembly lines here – each item is painstakingly created, ensuring that it finds its perfect place in the grand tapestry of our collection.

Dedication & Responsibility

And so, from a fleeting idea to a tangible creation, our goods are born. They bear the marks of countless hours, endless dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. These are more than just products – they’re a reflection of our creative souls, an invitation to touch, use, and become a part of the story we’ve woven into each masterpiece. Welcome to the world of &Hue, where design isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life.

At the core of our beliefs lies a profound reverence for nature and its invaluable resources. We approach our craft with a mindful touch, utilizing materials judiciously and sparingly, to create pieces that honor both artistic vision and environmental responsibility.