Handcrafted with meticulous care from natural wood, this captivating infinity hanging light stands as a testament to artisanal excellence. Its grandeur demands attention, effortlessly becoming the focal point of any space it graces. The careful craftsmanship and generous dimensions merge to create a striking blend of artistry and functional design.

Infinite light

Spanning an impressive 370×270 cm, the sample is crafted from plywood and features an infinite variation.

Make it uniquely yours by choosing

• Wood type: walnut, ash, oak, plywood;
• Size convenient for your space;
• Color tempetature of the light;
• Infinity or layered variation.


Size S (135 x 95 cm), walnut wood : 1 800 euro

Size S (135 x 95 cm), ash / oak wood : 1 650 euro

Size S (160 x 95 cm), plywood : 1 500euro

Size L (178 x 115 cm), walnut wood : 2 200 euro

Size L (178 x 115 cm), ash / oak wood : 2000 euro

Size L (257 x 104 cm), plywood : 1 800 euro


*The sample on pictures combines one light in size S and one in size L

If you represent a retail establishment, store, gallery, architect, or have an interest in purchasing large quantities, please feel free to reach out to us. We welcome inquiries regarding potential long-term partnerships and associated discounts for bulk orders.