The wall shelves

Imagine wall shelves that exude a non- standard design, seamlessly blending the materials of metal and wood in a truly unique fashion. What sets these shelves apart is the deliberate incorporation of wooden boards with varying thickness, resulting in a visually captivating and unconventional aesthetic.

No ordinary

These wall shelves transcend the ordinary, showcasing a marriage of rugged metal and the organic warmth of wood. The play with different board thicknesses adds an element of intrigue and artistry to their structure, making them not just storage solutions but also statement pieces in your living space.

Crafted to capture attention and provoke curiosity, these shelves are a testament to the boundless creativity in design. They serve both as functional storage units and as remarkable pieces of art, ready to transform your wall into an expression of individuality and style.

Make it uniquely yours by choosing

Select a model or mix and match them on your wall in various configurations. Personalize by choosing color of the metal constructions and wood type.

The wood we use for this product consists of remnants from the production of larger furniture items. This allows us to utilize this wood material efficiently, minimize waste, and maintain sustainability.

PRICE: 1 200 euro

for set of two pieces

If you represent a retail establishment, store, gallery, architect, or have an interest in purchasing large quantities, please feel free to reach out to us. We welcome inquiries regarding potential long-term partnerships and associated discounts for bulk orders.