Boudoir mirrors

The first two mirrors in this collection are crafted from high-quality ash wood, radiating a natural and earthy aura.

Measuring at 62×70 cm and 78×78 cm, these mirrors are at the same time compact and generously grace any room with a touch of understated luxury.

The ash wood not only adds durability to the mirrors but also brings a sense of organic beauty, making them a perfect addition to any boudoir,  bedroom or even a living room and vestibule.

The porcelain accessories are carefully chosen to complement the ash wood frames, creating a harmonious fusion of textures and tones.

The subtle yet intricate details of the porcelain elements add a touch of refinement, turning these mirrors into statement pieces that transcend mere functionality.


The third mirror or so called “Queen of Spades”, measuring at 70×40 cm, stands out with its unique design and thoughtful features. This smaller yet equally enchanting piece is equipped with two hangers, providing a convenient solution for your everyday accessories.

The addition of a small porcelain shelf further enhances its practicality, offering a stylish spot to display small trinkets or personal items. Completing the ensemble is a delicate porcelain candle holder, adding a romantic touch to your personal space.

Make it uniquely yours

by selecting one of three models and customize based on wood type and color of accessories.


Ash wood (62 x 70 cm): 740 euro

Ash wood (78 x 78 cm): 780 euro

Walnut wood (70 x 40 cm): 740 euro

If you represent a retail establishment, store, gallery, architect, or have an interest in purchasing large quantities, please feel free to reach out to us. We welcome inquiries regarding potential long-term partnerships and associated discounts for bulk orders.